March 8, 2021

Why haven't I received a T4A?

The first $100 of your allocation is non-taxable. If your total allocation before GST was under $100 no tax is deducted, and therefore no T4A is required or provided. You can check the equity statement issued last year (the 2020 statement relating to allocation on purchases made in 2019) to confirm whether tax was withheld. The line indicating taxes remitted will read "Tax 15%..." If you do not see this line, you will not receive a T4A. If you do not have a copy of your equity statement and believe that you may need a T4A, you can check your CRA MyAccount online or call our Administration office to confirm at 780-674-2201 ext. 0. 

I do see taxes deducted, but I haven't received a T4A. What's wrong?

T4As were mailed in late February. If you have not received yours it may be delayed in the mail, or the mailing address we have on file may be out of date. If your address has changed, please complete our online change of address form or call the Administration office at 780-674-2201 ext. 0.

How can I get a copy of my T4A?

Your T4A is available through the CRA online MyAccount system or you can contact our Administration office to request a copy at 780-674-2201 ext. 0.

Do I need to claim my patronage allocation as income?

If your purchases were made for personal use, you do not need to claim the patronage allocated (box 30) as income. You will only enter the taxes remitted, which will be deducted from any taxes owing or added as a tax credit. For business purchases, the allocation is taxable. If your purchases were split between business and personal, your accountant can help you determine how much to claim.