Electronic Shelf Labels
August 21, 2023

The Pembina West Co-op Food Store in Barrhead has something new in store, electronic shelf labels!

Why Electronic Shelf Labels?

More Time = Better Service

Electronic shelf labels save our team hours of time each week printing, separating, and changing out labels, giving us more time to serve you better.

Automatic Updates = Always The Right Prices

With paper tags there is a risk that a label may get missed during a price change, or the wrong tag may be placed. With electronic shelf labels, the prices are updated automatically, ensuring that you always see the correct price. This also means that you won't find missing price labels during the manual tag swapping process that previously happened each week with the new flyer.

Locking Mechanism = No Missing Tags

A locking mechanism prevents signs from falling off, meaning no more missing prices due to a bumped tag jumping off the shelf.

No Paper = More Environmentally Friendly

The electronic shelf labels will run for years on a single battery saving around 200 pages every week. 

Saves Over $1,000 per Week

From paper, to printing, to the extensive labour required to change signs, electronic labels are a great savings for your Co-op. As members and owners, this is your business. Lowering the Co-op's expenses can benefit you both as customers and as owners.

How to Identify the Ways to Save

On Regular Shelves

On all non-freezer shelves and displays, look for signs highlighted in RED. These signs will be the weekly flyer sale items, price drop items, manager specials, and other special promotions. Signs may be highlighted in black for other special promotions.

In the Freezer Section

In the freezer section, look for signs highlighted in BLACK. The freezer signs are not available in colour in order to ensure longevity in the more extreme temperatures. 

Signs for regular priced items will not be highlighted

Questions? Just ask a friendly Co-op Team Member!

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