Local Feature: Author Vanessa Pearson
April 11, 2023

Love supporting local? It doesn't get much more local than an in-house author here at our Barrhead Co-op Food Store!

You may know Vanessa Pearson from our Barrhead meat department, but did you know that she is also a children's book author?!

"Writing for me is a fun way to be creative and expressive. I remember when I was younger I was in Meadowview 4-H for horse. We held meetings and once a year we participated in public speaking. I was always nervous. What was I going to talk about? How in the world would I be able to get up in front of all those people and speak? I researched and planned wrote down facts. It never turned out quite right until one year I decided to be myself with the speech. I can remember, oddly enough, I wrote about socks …Socks in my household always seemed to be missing a match to make a pair. After being washed just once from new. We were left constantly wondering. What happens to that odd sock, last seen in the dryer. I told that story as my speech. The audience and judges laughed and enjoyed as I was being silly me. That year I received the highest marks in public speaking. I knew from that day on telling stories was one of my favourite things. Once I had children I read to them nightly. I found one of my favourite authors to be Robert Munsch. The kids and I would memorize his books and make all the voices. It brought us together and we still talk about it to this day. These two books on display at Co-op are for children who are learning to become their own individuals, roughly from ages 2 to 5. I hope you can enjoy reading them and make some memories. Have some fun reading to a young one and possibly relating your life to these children’s books. I can’t wait to publish the next one!"  Vanessa Pearson

You can pick up a copy of Vanessa's books Jacob's All Seasons Outfit and Dirty Stinky Adventurer in-store at the Barrhead Co-op Food Store now.

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