Truly Local Products
January 18, 2024

Your Co-op is truly local  and that means supporting the hardworking local producers, growers and farmers. Below is the list of current Truly Local products that we carry in our Barrhead Food Store!

Miedema Honey Farm

Miedema Honey Farm, a second-generation beekeeping operation, has cultivated a remarkable legacy over the past 30 years.

Through partnerships with local farmers, they've honed their craft to produce high-quality honey that graces tables worldwide. In 2021, Curtis and Melissa, joined by their three children, assumed full control of operations. Together with their dedicated team, they embarked on a journey to create a brand that connects directly with consumers, bringing the sweetness of Miedema Honey to your homes.
Our community's honey is truly exceptional, thanks to the abundant flowering fields, pristine water, and pure air that bless our region. These elements combine to create honey that's arguably among the world's finest.

Support local and taste the goodness of Miedema Honey Farm today!

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Find the following items in our Grocery Departments:

Midema Raw Honey

Midema Raw Honey With Cinnamon

Midema Organic Honey

Rochfort Bridge Colony

Rochfort Colony was established in 2010 and has been producing eggs since 2017. With a total of 20,000 chickens they are an important local source for this everyday staple.

Hens at Rochfort Bridge enjoy Enriched Colony Housing. That's not just because their home is Rochfort Bridge Colony, it's a special kind of hen housing. Enriched colony cages are much larger and feature: added privacy for laying; more room to grow, move, and spread their wings; scratch pads and perches to satisfy their natural behaviours; and more access to water.

Find the following products in our Grocery Departments:

Rochfort Bridge 18 Pack Eggs

Rochfort Bridge 30 Pack Eggs

Rochfort Bridge Extra Large Eggs  Dozen

Rochfort Bridge Large Eggs  Dozen

Rochfort Bridge Medium Eggs  Dozen

Birch Creek Farms LTD.

Adrian and Jacqueline Hameon are co-owners of Birch Creek Farms Ltd. They have raised grass fed bison since 1997 on a farm where the care of the animals and soil is top priority. They have recently expanded in 2020 and have focused on their consumer base and regenerative grazing methods. Their goal is to raise bison in as natural an environment as possible, and be the choice provider of quality, farm fresh bison meat.

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Find the following products in our Barrhead Meat Department:

Bison Steak  Varieties

Bison Roast  Varieties

Bison Brisket

Ground Bison

Bison Burger Patties  Varieties

Bison Garlic Sausage

Bison Smokies

Bison Stew Meat

Bison Hot Dogs

Bison Jerky

Bison Salami

Greek Village  Alta Agri-Food Ltd.

For over 12 years, locally ownedAlta Agri-Food Ltd has been crafting mouthwatering sauces, dressings, dips, and more! Their processing facility in nearby Onoway creates small batches of authentic, high-quality products perfect for anyone who loves amazing flavours.

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Find the following products in the Barrhead Food Store:

Various BBQ Sauces  Meat Department

Various Dips and Sauces  Deli Department

Various Salad Dressings  Produce Department

Local Author: Vanessa Pearson

You may know Vanessa Pearson from our Barrhead meat department, but did you know that she is also a children's book author?!

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You can pick up a copy of Vanessa's books Jacob's All Seasons Outfit and Dirty Stinky Adventurer in-store at the Barrhead Grocery Department.

Jems Jewellery

Michele has always had a passion for creating jewellery, starting to create her own more than 35 years ago! She prides herself on using high quality gemstone beads and natural materials for her products.

All jewellery on display has been cleansed and gemstones have energy charged. She likes curating her display to match the season or holidays, so keep checking for new designs! Her earrings are made of hypoallergenic metals, so they won't irritate sensitive skin! Most pieces include lava stone, which is porous enough to hold onto essential oils that have beautiful fragrances and airborne effects for the mind, body, and spirit.

Find these amazing products on display in your Barrhead Co-op Pharmacy!

If you are a local farmer or producer, and you would like us to carry your products, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.

Ryan Roy
Barrhead Food Manager
780-674-2201 ex. 220

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